CT SEALCOAT - asphalt maintenance & repair
Crack Filling & Pothole Repair
The most important reason you need to maintain the cracks is that regular maintenance will extend the life of the asphalt. cracks left alone will only lead to further asphalt breakdown.  You also don't want vegetation to begin growing in them and you don't want moisture to penetrate under the asphalt surface.  As the roots on vegetation get bigger, the plant root can actually push the pavement up and create even more damage.  This breaks the pavement surface and other problems begin occurring.  Even worse, if water penetrates the crack it will erode under the asphalt, removing the support for the asphalt, and eventually it will break apart.  In our part of the country, where the temperatures go below freezing, the water can freeze and push the asphalt up causing more extensive cracks.  When the asphalt starts breaking up into smaller pieces this is called "alligatoring". This section should be saw cut, removed and fresh asphalt patched in. 

Neglected cracks allow water to penetrate underneath your pavement. This moisture softens the sub base and traffic causes further damage. Once the deterioration spiral begins, it is accelerated by freeze/thaw cycles. Before long, a small crack has become a large pothole. The same process is used when we repair potholes.  We will saw cut around pothole, remove broken and damaged asphalt, make sure the base is up to standard and then replace with new asphalt.

alligatoring of asphalt

This is an example of what "alligatoring" of asphalt looks like.  This section of asphalt is saw cut, removed and replaced with new asphalt.
cracks after being filled

Cracks after being filled with Spec+Plus Crack/Joint Thermo-Sealant.
completed driveway after sealcoating

Final step was sealcoating driveway after the cracks were filled.

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