CT SEALCOAT - asphalt maintenance & repair
We believe in using the best asphalt sealer on the market. Tarconite asphalt pavement sealer beautifies and restores that “black-as-night” original look. Sealcoating prevents oxidation by blocking out the damaging effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays. The UV rays from the sun will oxidate the asphalt causing it to become brittle and crack and eventually breakdown and fail. The sun is asphalts worst enemy.  Sealcoating aids in protecting the asphalt from chemical attack by petroleum products as well as road salts. We believe in using the best asphalt sealer on the market. Tarconite sealer keeps gasoline, oil, jet fuel leaks and spills from penetrating the surface. Sealcoating protects against the number one pavement destroying force - water. We believe the number one reason for sealcoating is that it will significantly prolong the life of your driveway or parking lot.  Maintenance is the answer. Sealcoating shields pavement against the elements that cause cracks and potholes. There are many excellent reasons for sealcoating and hot pour crack filling.  It can keep it looking like new.  Not only does having your asphalt sealcoated enhance your business or home's appearance, but it also protects the asphalt  from the harsh elements.  If it's a commercial property you are having sealcoated and the cracks filled rest assured that CT Sealcoat is here to take care of your needs from start to finish.  We will finish your parking lot with professional line striping.  New or existing layouts.  Give us a call for your free estimate.
Driveway in Somers, Ct. before sealing.
Before Sealcoating
Driveway in Somers, Ct. after sealing and crack filling.After Sealcoating
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