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Re-application of sealer increases its durability. It also prevents damage from water erosion, UV rays, de-icers, and petroleum products. Sealcoating not only protects against these elements, but it also restores the rich, black-look of the original pavement and increases the value of your property.


Cracks naturally develop in asphalt over time, with oxidization and seasonal temperature changes expanding and contracting the pavement. If small cracks are left untreated, they may widen and spread causing bigger, more costly repairs. Hot-applied crack sealant is your first defense against further pavement deterioration.


Seasonal freeze-thaw cycles may cause cracks to progress to potholes. Potholes are an indication of structural pavement failure. The failed liability areas need to be saw cut, removed, and re-paved. Patching potholes is a cost-effective way of eliminating further distresses and remedying liability areas in your parking lot or driveway.


We offer new parking lot striping, as well as re-striping services for existing lots. Line striping and pavement markings ensure safe and efficient traffic flow. Crisply painted lines make a lasting impression on prospective clients and tenants.


The moisture expands and freezes which causes fatigue cracks, and "alligatoring". If the area can't be crack filled or patched, the pavement must be excavated and repaved.  Areas with poor drainage and a driveway's apron, are oftentimes in need of repair.


Faded handicap pavement markings reduce safety and increase liability for property owners. We ensure your parking lot is compliant with the latest Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

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